Castañer Club Frequently Asked Questions Castañer Club Frequently Asked Questions

Castañer Club Frequently Asked Questions


Being part of the Castañer Club lets you enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences. Discover them here

For each € you spend in Castañer stores and, you get points that you can redeem for rewards and benefits.

You can also earn extra points through interactions with the brand.


How can I earn points?

Points to level up (sand, olive, carmine) can be obtained from purchases or interactions with the brand.

  • Purchases: 1 point per € spent
  • Interactions with the brand:

     o Subscrition to the newsletter - 50 points

     o Following @Castanerofficial on Instagram - 10 points

     o Following Castañer on Facebook - 10 points


Do my points expire?

The points accumulated by the user do not expire.


How can I join WE ARE CASTAÑER?

Join the club for free by creating your account on or providing your email in any of our stores.


I joined in-store, can I also get benefits online?

You can enjoy all the club benefits online as well by creating an account or logging in on Remember to use the same email you provided when you signed up in-store.


Do I receive points for all my purchases at Castañer?

You receive points for all your purchases at Castañer, both in-store and online.


How can I check my points and available benefits?

Access the WE ARE CASTAÑER section of your account on to see your total points and discover all the advantages and experiences you can obtain with them.

You can also see how to earn extra points with different actions and review your points history.


Where and how can I enjoy my benefits?

In our stores, identify yourself at the checkout with your email or phone number so the points earned from the purchase are recorded in your WE ARE CASTAÑER account. For online purchases, log in to your account before making the purchase to earn points.


What do the statuses "approved", "pending" and "canceled" mean?

  • Approved: These are the points you have earned and that grant you benefits.
  • Pending: These points need to be verified before you can redeem them. Points accumulated from purchases take 30 days to be approved.
  • Canceled: These points appear when you make a return. The points earned from that purchase will be deducted from your account.


Birthday gift WE ARE CASTAÑER

As a WE ARE CASTAÑER club member, you can receive an exclusive gift during your birthday month (only one gift per year).

The birthday gift can be obtained by making a purchase on by entering the received code. At Castañer stores show the code to an employee during the purchase. 


In which stores can I enjoy the advantages of WE ARE CASTAÑER?

Castañer sales points adhering to the program and referred to throughout these Terms and Conditions, include all Castañer stores in Spain (Castañer Coello, Castañer Llafranc, Castañer Cadaqués, Castañer Sevilla, Castañer Palma de Mallorca, Castañer Barcelona), as well as the online store in Europe.


How can I unsubscribe from WE ARE CASTAÑER?

You can unsubscribe from the WE ARE CASTAÑER program whenever you want from our stores or by using the following form.